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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Names of Tropical Haitian Fruits (Cachiman, Kachiman, Kowosol, Corossol etc) - Non Fwi tropikal Ayisyen

Kachiman – la cherimoya/chirimoya (Spanish) – Sugar Apple or Sweetsop in Jamaica, Matomoko in Kenya, Sweet apple in Ghana, foreign lychee in Hong Kong, fruta pinha, condessa, ata, anona in Brazil and Angola, Matopetope in Tanzania (also known as custard apple in India and Australia and referred to as Annona reticulata). In Hispanic America, it’s known as anón, anón de azucar, cachiman, fruta do conde, saramuyo, granadilla (little grenade). Custard apple is an excellent source of energy. It helps to fight exhaustion and eliminates muscle weakness. Por su bajo aporte en sodio, riqueza en potasio y poca grasa se aconseja a aquellas personas que sufren de hipertensión arterial o alteraciones cardiacas o de vasos sanguíneos. De la misma forma, también reduce los niveles de colesterol.

Kowosòl – Guanábana (Spanish) – Soursop (Graviola – Brazilian Portuguese; Corossol – French; Anona reticulata – European Portuguese; bullocks’ heart, bulls’ heart, cœur de boeuf – Democratic Republic of Congo; Brazilian Pawpaw – Filipino). Some people state it is used for cancer treatment. However, there is no credible scientific evidence showing that Anona muricata or Graviola is a cancer cure according to the Federal Trade Commission in the US.

Kayimit – Cainito / caimito / estrella – Star apple in Jamaica or milk fruit (Pomme de lait in French), known as bobi wata or breast Milk fruit in Sierra Leone; Odara in Nigeria. Infusion of the leaves has been used against diabetes (tansyon) and rheumatism. It is a delicious fruit that can serve as dessert. The Cainito leaves have two colors, green and gold. They refer to people with two faces as hypocrites, two-faced people. Well-known aphrodisiac! Mirliton – Chayote – Chayote. It may help prevent acne, may help guard against constipation, may help energize the body

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