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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dia de Accion de Gracias, Thanksgiving Day, Jour d'action de Grace, Jou Aksyon-n Gras

Thanksgiving in Haitian Creole: Creolizing the Turkey (Kodin), Breadfruit (veritab) Story, and Haitian Meat Recipes

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Bouyon Bèf - Beef Stew - Boeuf à l’Haitienne
Se vyann bèf ak tomat e piman bouk. Li gou anpil. (It is a flavorful, tasty beef with tomatoes and peppers.)

Diri kole / Diri ak Pwa - Riz et Pois - Haitian red beans and rice
Diri Olè - Haitian Rice Pudding - Arroz con Leche
Griyo (Grillots) - Yummy, Tasty, flavorful cubes of glazed, fried pork
These cubes are often soaked for an hour or so in sour orange marinade, then slow-roasted until they become tender. Then fry them in oil until they look caramelized. Yummy!
Mayi Moulin (Mais moulu) - Haitian Cornmeal Mush

Thanksgiving Vocabulary:
Cornbread or American cornmeal bread - Pen mayi Moulin
Cranberry - Kannbèj
Squash / pumpkin - joumou (gato joumou - pumpkin pie)
Patat dous - sweet potatoes called yams in the US.
Yams can be white and yellow in the Caribbean and Africa. Yanm is the creole word.
Kodin woti - roasted turkey, dinde rôtie

On the Menu - Sur La Table - Sa N’ap Sèvi
Non Resèt Ayisyen - Names of Haitian Recipes - Les Noms des Recettes Haitiennes - Los Nombres de las Recetas Haitianas

Bannann Peze - Haitian twice-fried green plantains
Bananes Pesées (French)
Tostones is bannann peze is a snack or side dish in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.
Patacones is bannann peze in Central America, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela
Notes: You will need a tostonera to flatten the plantains before their second frying. Or any flat surface, a glass or a small plate will do too.

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