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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Las Canciones Mas Populares de Los Chicos Haitianos se Encuentran en este Nuevo CD

Canten con los Chicos Haitianos! Sing along with Haitian Children by getting a copy of this new 10-song CD for your youth group, sunday school and church activities.

Support independent publishing: Buy this disc on Lulu.

Support independent publishing: Buy this disc on Lulu.

The release of this new CD, 'Most Popular Haitian Children's Church Songs in French and Creole' is in response to the many requests obtained from U.S and Canadian Churches with missionary work in Haiti. Many missionaries have also written me about this CD.

Thanks for your long wait. I hope that many of these songs and choruses will help you worship, sing along and deepen your learning of the culture and Haitian languages.

As you may have already known this, Haiti has two official languages. While we are currently focusing on the language spoken by all Haitians, we will also pay attention to the other language, French. Creole and French exist side by side in Haiti. It makes sense that some of the popular songs are in French or both of the languages.

Most Popular Haitian Children's Songs and Choruses will get you acquainted with this bilingualism that exists in Haiti.

That is why we have created http://kreyolaudiomp3.blogspot.com to help Missionaries find some of the Christian CDs we are going to publish on this site. Good listening and please inform your friends and sister churches and other missionaries about this release!

Buy the CD Now


'Most Popular Hiatian Children's Church Songs and Choruses CD' has been released. Please use it to familiarize yourself with the Haitian culture and music scene. Acappella is doing very well in Haiti. Most churches have Acappella groups. Once again, the human voice is the greatest instrument that exists on earth!

Support independent publishing: Buy this disc on Lulu.

Support independent publishing: Buy this disc on Lulu.

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