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Monday, February 1, 2016

Reading Now "Multicultural, Diverse Barbie Dolls Embraced by Mothers all over the World: New Barbie eBook Strikes a Chord in All Girls..."

Blog Post and eBook Titles: "New eBook on Diverse Barbie Dolls Strikes a Deep Chord with Mothers From all the World, "Barbie’s Diverse World..Skin Tones, Body Shapes, Eye Colors..."

Written by Christine Laferrière, Samantha Tristanbella, and Louise Jean Boger, 'Barbie’s Diverse World..Skin Tones, Body Shapes, Eye Colors..'is a fluid work of fiction and nonfiction, based on and inspired by Barbie in Multiple Skin Tones, Eye Colors, and Hair Styles. The typical Californian blonde bombshell reinvents herself and embraces girls of all ethnic backgrounds. She could not keep up with the unrealistic body standards she was supposed to promote. She wants to be real just like all girls and women. Barbie wants to be available in tall, curvy and petite sizes.

A great sign of relief for grownup Barbie doll lovers, girls, mothers, and women from everywhere!

This work of fiction and Mattel tend to promote and recognize the importance of true diversity in the world economy and marketplace. This shift towards a wider array of doll options will help all women to finally feel represented, beautiful, and included in all sectors of our overall society. The hope is to gradually change the conversations we have had around race, skin color, beauty, and body standards.

This eBook is written by these 3 writers of diverse ethnic, religious and socio-economic backgrounds, with research and direct relation to autism, Applied Behavior Analysis, and other developmental disabilities. Mattel may soon surpass Lego’s wheelchair with the included story of Skyler, an imagined or real 6-year-old Californian girl with autism. If you happen to be in this story, it’s by simple irony and coincidence. It’s a universal story of the human experience! It’s yours and ours too.

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